Dangerousness of Omicrone In America

Dangerousness of Omicrone In America

Omicrone is one of the fast spreading varients of the Covid-19. First time, it was seen in Africa in last months of 2021.

Now like America it has spread throughout the world. Different policies are being enforced by the governments for its counter.

In America, It was observed that, average death rate has increased due to Omicron varient than previous varient of Covid, which spread destruction in last autumn season.

It is being said that Omicron is responsible for all types of other viruses which are rotating in the country because it spreads fastly and carry other viruses with itself. Although it is less responsible for intens disease, but it is reality that because of this varient many people are getting infection and dying.

Prof. Andrew Noams, the researcher of University of California, said “ More than one million people will be died due to Omicron”. He added that, daily death ratio is equal to the ratio of last Feb.

According to the Survey of APNORC, people of America have started to follow precautions more consciously than previous.

They added that people have tired. Now, they are getting normality with the hope that their immune system and vaccination will defend them.  Researchers are agree upon that, Omicron’s symptoms are very light.

Sometimes it don’t appear in affected person, but like flu it can be dangerous for those who have not been vaccinated yet or for those who have other health problems and especially for aged people.

Dr. Rochelle velnisky, the director of center for disease control and prevention, said in Media briefing at White House, it is very important thing that we shouldn’t take anything light as it light.

He said, during next week death ratio in near about every state of America will increase. Death ratio already has reached at it’s peak in some states of America. CDC statistics show that, admittances have begun to fall for every groups of age in new hospitals, and after this, deaths are expected to decrease.

Their statistics also show that, during some seasons of flu, we observe near about 10-15 thousand deaths. But in pandemic, this ratio has clearly increased which show that how much Omicron is spreading it’s destruction in America.


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