By Ibne Saif

There are two wheels of democracy which regulate the structure of society well-oiled. Bureaucracy is the second wheel of the government. Civil Services of Pakistan is strenuous task of life to cope with competitive exam. Federal Public Service Commission held Competitive exam every year. This is the strongest stakeholder of the government which is conducive to tackle with unaffordable circumstance. A service blends abilities, knowledge and skills to serve best for the nation.

The Central Superior Services (CSS) is a permanent elite civil service authority, and the civil service that is responsible for running the bureaucratic operations, government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet of Pakistan. The civil service is defined itself as key wheels upon which the entire engine of the state has to move. Every youngster has dream to qualify the abovementioned exam in order to achieve his aims and goals for a bright future.

Apart from selection of Optional subjects and tutoring facilities, there are some golden principles; considered as mandatory ingredients in qualifying for CSS and for optimum outputs.


Firstly, you should develop a reading habit. For CSS exams, you need to have a pool of knowledge that you can dive into during your papers. This pool of knowledge can only be developed through consistent reading. So, dedicate some time of the day for this purpose. Read anything and everything. A good place to start is the newspaper: It comes daily and also makes you updated with current happenings. Similarly, you can read books on general history of the world and on topics that interest you etc. But do it daily, the goal is to develop a habit.


Secondly, fix your grammar as it is a fundamental requirement that a candidate is required to fulfill. There are many books in the market that you can use for this purpose. Wren and Martin and Raymond Murphy are recommended to brush up the grammar. Again, grammar is something that you can do on daily basis until you stop making grammatical errors in your writing. This is also your practice for the composition paper. The more you practice, the more you would be able to polish your sentences and don’t forget that command over grammar leads to the good expression which is exceedingly a prerequisite in preparation of exam.


Thirdly, I would recommend to start writing daily. A common mistake CSS aspirants make is ‘read more and write less’. Avoid this from the beginning by developing a writing habit. Just like reading, to develop the habit of writing, write about anything and everything. Write about what you read in the day; try to summarize everything you read. Start taking notes, start journaling your day, start articulating your thoughts. It doesn’t matter what you write is grammatically correct or not, as we are already working on grammar separately. The important thing here is to develop the writing habit. You need to learn as how to transfer your thoughts into paper comprehensively.


After these basic steps, in my opinion, the rest is totally up to you. You may take up any subject and start studying it based on your interest or convenience. Ascertain what the subject is, its main topics, and get down to work. Do not fall into the trap of excessive planning. Just start the subject and study all its topics from start to finish.Organization starts with having some sort of schedule prepared ahead of time where days or hours are allotted specifically towards studying. This would also include what subjects will be focused on during what days. Always create small goals every few hours and take notes.

When aspirants choose CSS as their career and understand the comprehensive exam, they find a big problem in the form of timetable creation. Well, everyone has his own way of dividing the time for CSS; however, some get diverted when they choose the wrong mechanism for the division of their time. Every aspirant should try to make a suitable timetable that would help him to cover the subjects optimally. It is suggested to make sure to get all the help that is needed, the hesitation kills the spirit of learning. Remember that self-study is great but it can be difficult if you are not well prepared and focused.


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