A gigantic 20-foot great white shark said to be the world’s largest stalking the seas.

Deep Blue, a 2.5-ton behemoth with massive fins and razor-sharp teeth, is an amazing eight feet tall and weighs a whopping 2.5 tonnes.

The mesmerizing creature, said to be over 50 years old, dwarfs divers daring to swim beside her in stunning photos.

When the massive great white was initially captured on camera off the Shore of Guadalupe Island in Mexico in 2014, it sent shockwaves around the world.

When researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla shared a video of her in 2015, it went viral almost immediately.

Deep Blue may have been pregnant when she was discovered, as female great whiles are known to be.

In July 2018, the gorgeous ocean beast was photographed once more just off Mexico’s west coast.

Divers Thanks to a tag she was implanted with, Mark Mohler and Kimberly Jeffries were able to identify her as Deep Blue, and marine experts recognized her unique markings on her body.

Experts say Deep Blue is the largest great white ever seen, having lasted for more than five decades despite pollution, shooting, and fishing, all of which shorten their lifespan.

Despite their notoriety for being dangerous sharks, Deep Blue does not have an aggressive personality, according to experts.

Ocean Ramsey, a marine biologist, was previously photographed swimming beside the monster while grasping one of her fins.

Her calm demeanor was attributed in part to the fact that she had just consumed a whale carcass.

Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, a Discovery Channel diver who swam with the shark as part of a Shark Week documentary, gave her the name.

In the 2015 TV episode, Padilla was seen reaching out of a metal shark cage and caressing her fin.

Great white sharks are rarely spotted in Hawaii because they prefer cooler seas.


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