Diabetes with alcohol a safe quantity to drink.

Diabetes with alcohol a safe quantity to drink.

Anyone with diabetes, whether type one or type two, must make dietary selections every day to ensure that their blood sugar levels do not fluctuate too much. But what does this signify in terms of alcohol consumption?

It is critical to remember that if your blood sugar levels fall too low or rise too high, your body can go into shock, the symptoms of which can be readily misdiagnosed as intoxication.

Many alcoholic beverages are also calorific, which means that the amount of glucose in your body might fluctuate dramatically during a drinking session and even result in a “hypo,” or hypoglycemic shock.

Despite this, you can drink alcohol if you have diabetes. Drinking is a part of everyday living, and while it can be “tricky,” a diagnosis should not prevent you from having fun responsibly.

You should aim to avoid binge drinking and monitor your blood sugar levels on a regular basis, however the NHS has a comprehensive list of suggestions if you want to go out and celebrate.

Your body will react differently to alcohol than to other drinks since the alcohol will further reduce your body’s capacity to respond to soaring blood sugar, therefore check your levels on a regular basis.

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