Cravings are completely normal and should be indulged in on occasion.

Cravings are completely normal and should be indulged in on occasion.

However, experts believe that your extra bags of chips or chocolate bar may be causing you to gain weight in the long run.

Snacks often fill the gap between meals, but many people who are trying to lose weight avoid them entirely.

This can cause blood sugar fluctuations, as well as increased hunger and appetite when you do finally eat.

Signe Svanfeldt, a nutritionist, previously told that most of the time people crave calorie-dense foods high in sugar, saturated fat, and sodium, but low in nutrients.

Signe explains that craving a particular treat can occur for a variety of reasons.

She also claims that eating too little during the day, eating unbalanced meals, and not getting enough sleep can all contribute to cravings.

It’s difficult to manage these, but you’ll feel better for it.

Many people use food as a reward; a chocolate bar at the end of the day is a treat for how hard you worked, or a glass of wine is a reward for a stressful day with the in-laws.

Stopping this behaviour, according to psychotherapist Audrey Stephenson, may help with your cravings.

“Sugar provides a dopamine hit, so even if we are not physiologically addicted to sugar, we can certainly be psychologically addicted to the way it makes us ‘feel’ – the sense of comfort.”

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