Cristiano Ronaldo’s £1.7 million Bugatti is involved in a crash in Majorca, prompting police to launch an investigation after the supercar collides with a wall.

The car of CRISTIANO RONALDO was involved in a crash in Majorca.

The police traffic service is investigating the collision, which involved Ronaldo’s £1.7 million Bugatti Veyron.

The driver, who is reportedly not Ronaldo but one of his bodyguards, lost control and crashed into a wall in the Palma de Majorca residential estate of Sa Coma, Bunyola, where the Manchester United star is currently vacationing with his family.

The front of the Bugatti is thought to have been wrecked, with no other vehicle involved, according to investigators.

Local police officers from Bunyola Town Hall were present, as were Civil Guard officers.

The car arrived at 11 a.m.

The driver of the car was unharmed and is believed to have signed an accident report.

According to one reliable source, “the car smashed into a wall, but there was only material damage and no one was injured, and the driver accepted full responsibility for what happened.”

The information about who was driving and what happened is stored in a police database and can be accessed by a court or officers if further investigations are required.

However, the information must be recorded so that the owner of the damaged property can file a compensation claim and use the police report as evidence if there is a dispute later.


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