Transgender athletes are barred from participating in premier rugby league events.

While it does more research into its inclusiveness policy, the Rugby League has barred transgender players from playing in women’s international matches.

“We want to balance the individual’s entitlement to participate… against perceived risk to other players,” the sport’s governing body said.

The move comes at a time when a lot of sports are debating whether or not to include trans athletes.

If a transgender swimmer has gone through male puberty, they are no longer allowed to compete in women’s top races.

And, according to report, World Athletics head Lord Coe hinted that the sport may follow swimming’s lead, indicating that the sport is due to explore adopting a new eligibility criterion and insisting that “fairness is non-negotiable.”

‘Other people’s perceived risk’

In making its decision, the International Rugby League stated it took into account “important changes in world sport.”


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