THE After reading an extremely harsh response, Chase presenter Bradley Walsh lost it and could hardly continue the show

After being forced to inquire about a “chocolate starfish,” the 62-year-old celebrity howled with laughter.

Which of these is NOT a true species of starfish?,” Bradley said.

A starfish with a goose foot. B. Starfish with red knobs. C. Starfish made with chocolate.

Anne “The Governess” Hegerty was unable to control her smile as Brad broke into laughter before he could complete reading the question.

When the player selected “chocolate starfish,” a derogatory euphemism for an anus, as the response, things became even more chaotic.

“What made you put that?” he shouted. Funny enough, it’s the only starfish I’ve heard of, the unfortunate man responded.

“Chocolate starfish you’ve put, and rightfully so,” Bradley continued after he had stopped laughing. Here it is: chocolate starfish is definitely the perfect response. Well performed, one step closer to home.

You can’t have chocolate under the sea because the sharks devour it all, Anne remarked coyly.

The humorous innuendos were well received by viewers. One even tweeted: “CHOCOLATE STARFISH, I can’t breathe. Bradley cannot, either.

“Charles & Brad were giggling at chocolate starfish,” another joked. It’s almost rectum.

Third wrote, “Just had a somewhat awkward chat with my parents as to why Chocolate starfish was a humorous answer,” in the meantime.

When asked a question concerning the downhill skier Fanny, Bradley is renowned for busting up on the show, most memorably in one of The Chase’s early episodes.


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