Spoilers for Coronation Street: Todd Grimshaw devises a scheme to expose bully Frank, the boyfriend of Sean Tully.

After he met Frank, a newbie, SEAN Tully seemed to be able to end the plague on his love life.

But Todd Grimshaw gets engaged in Coronation Street the next week, eager to bring the latter’s bullying to light.

Tony Maudsley’s character, George Shuttleworth, has been living a content life amid the cobbles but was lately drawn back into his past when a new face appeared.

Frank (played by Simon O’Brien) was first introduced to ITV viewers a few weeks ago when he started dating Corrie regular Sean Tully (Antony Cotton).

Sean had a second chance at love, but it was obvious that Frank and George already knew each other.

This was largely because Frank called George by the moniker given to him during his school years—”Georgie Porgie”—when he first addressed him.

The undertaker then revealed to his girlfriend Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) how he had formerly been terrorized and repeatedly bullied by Frank and his friends.

The following week, Todd (Gareth Pierce), Eileen’s son, decides to confront Sean about Frank’s bullying.

When George admits that Frank once flushed his head down the toilet for spilling water on him, he initially tells George he’s decided to reveal everything about Frank and his methods, but he is eventually persuaded to take action.

Todd comes up with a scheme to spook Frank while also spilling a beverage down his shirt.

Frank’s response is yet to be seen, but George will also be participating.


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