FIA arrests YouTube black magic teachers

The Crime Wing of the FIA arrested a group of black magic teachers in Jatoi, Muzzafargarh, for teaching black magic on YouTube and doing other illegal things.

The gang’s YouTube channels gave a full education in black magic so people could learn how to do witchcraft. This got them online subscribers and comments.

The group was at the Mehrab Hotel, so Assistant Director Adnan Khan sent ASI Rai Muhammad Tanveer there to find them. Amir Raza, Irfan Shah, Jahangir Akhtar, Mehr Ghulam Mustafa, Muhammad Shahbaz, and Muhammad Shah were arrested.

The FIA found that both the station and the people who used social media had made millions of rupees. For magic ceremonies, they also sold “wands,” “owl blood,” and “owl flesh.” One channel with 200,000 subscribers taught people how to find gold deposits.

Adults who didn’t have children were also among the gang’s clients. The group of black magic teachers used photos and videos of their female clients to get money from them.

Residents say that the accused started to live in a lavish way and buy farmlands, plots, and expensive cars.


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