Currency rates in Pakistan – 05 July 2022

Karachi: Latest Currency Rates in Pakistan today on 05 July 2022, Check updated currency rates of British Pound, US Dollar to PKR, Euro, Canadian Dollar, UAE Dirham, Saudi Riyal, in Rupees. All currency exchange rates are according to the interbank market.

Currency rates in Pakistan

Find the updated currency exchange rates on, 05 July 2022

USD-DD TO PKR203.8206.1
USD-TT TO PKR203.8206.1
AUD TO PKR139.5140.7
BHD TO PKR543.3547.8
CAD TO PKR158.6159.9
CNY TO PKR30.530.7
DKK TO PKR28.629.0
EUR TO PKR211.0213.0
HKD TO PKR26.026.4
INR TO PKR2.62.7


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