Haleem criticize N-League for hatching conspiracy

haleem adil sheikh

KARACHI : Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, Thursday, censured PML-N for hatching conspiracy against state institutions and misuse of tax payers’ money for achievement of political agenda.

He, while speaking to media persons during visit of Karachi Zoological Garden, said that a conspiracy was hatched against judiciary, establishment and defense forces and a controversial event recently organized was a component of the conspiracy aimed at kindling controversy and creating rifts between and within state institutions.

Referring to issue of use of Rs.10 billion of tax payers’ money by Maryam Nawaz during PML-N government he said that misuse of national exchequer by a person without any legal authority to serve political agenda of a specific political party was a crime and it must be thoroughly investigated.

Nawaz league could not clarify issues of Calibri font and Qatari letter nor they could respond to revelation of Panama papers, he added.

Haleem Adil Sheikh also lamented Sindh government on its failure in ensuring safety and security of citizens and said that even animals were not safe and secure in the province as a rare white lion died in Karachi Zoological garden because it was not fed properly.

White lion is among endangered rare species and its death due to administrative negligence in Karachi zoo was a matter of concern he stated and also expressed concerns over dilapidated condition of Karachi zoo and non availability of facilities for animals as well as visitors.

Haleem hold administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab responsible of the situation and said “You were directed by apex court to eliminate stray dogs but those dogs were roaming free in the city while lions are dying.” He said that performance of local government of the metropolis could easily be gauged by situation of waste management, supply of potable water, sewerage disposal, health facilities and urban transport systems.

PPP earlier made excuse of not having authority over civic bodies but now all the powers were entrusted with their chosen people who miserably failed to deliver, he noted and asked “What deters Murtaza Wahab from improving Karachi zoo, Abbasi Shaheed hospital and Karachi city?” Haleem Adil Sheikh said that Abbasi Shaheed hospital was ransacked where machines were nonfunctional and doctors were unavailable while patients coming to the hospitals were referred to other health facilities.