Naga Munchetty slapped co-host Ben Thompson after he suggested she sing live on the show.

While talking about how Kate Bush’s iconic hit, Running Up That Hill, has risen to the top of the charts after being featured in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

When it was first released in 1985, it peaked at number three on the charts.

Ben explained how its reintroduction on the TV show’s soundtrack drew “a whole new generation of fans.”

As the camera returned to the couple on the sofa, Naga, dressed in a summery aqua coloured dress with a striped neckline, mused: “It’s one of those songs where you have to do it when you say the title.”

“Go on, how does that go?” her co-host encouraged her. “Running up that hill… you wouldn’t say…” she replied.

“Oh, I thought you were going to sing it!” he interjected.

Naga, then scowled and said flatly, “No.”

That is something we do not do.”

Naga continued her point by referring to the weather presenter and saying, “Sarah, we don’t do that, do we?”

Ben could only laugh as the consequences of his comments played out.

Previously, Naga was chastised for an “awkward” on-air exchange with a reporter.

On Friday, she and her co-host Charlie Stayt were seen encouraging Andrew Plant to strip down and go for a swim.


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