Anushka Sharma dialogues about shooting ‘Chakda ‘Xpress’.

Anushka Sharma dialogues about shooting ‘Chakda ‘Xpress’.

Anushka Sharma talked out about how nervous she was after giving birth to her daughter Vamika and starting production on her forthcoming film Chakda ‘Xpress.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the actor was open about not feeling physically fit for her upcoming biopic after becoming a mother.

“I was a part of the genesis of Chakda ‘Xpress,” the Zero actor remarked. I was meant to start working on it sooner, but the film was delayed due to the epidemic, and then I became pregnant.”

“I was pretty nervous when I eventually started working on it since I had recently had a baby and wasn’t as strong as before,” the 34-year-old actress explained.

“And I hadn’t trained in 18 months, so I wasn’t in the ideal physical shape—in the past, I would have pushed myself to perform different gym exercises.”

“But, even though I wasn’t sure whether to take the project on or not, an inner voice kept telling me to do it,” Anushka said. That’s the kind of work I’d like to do. I’ll always be willing to work on projects that are both engaging and informative.”

“I believe in a more holistic approach to living—you enjoy your work and your life.” “You’re expected to do that,” the actor stated.


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