A super volcano eruption in Yellowstone  kill millions.

A super volcano eruption in Yellowstone  kill millions.

If a massive volcano in the United States erupted, it would have devastating global implications, potentially killing millions and triggering the next ice age.

Yellowstone National Park’s super volcano, located in Wyoming, was generated by an eruption 640,000 years ago and is one of the world’s largest, measuring 30 by 45 miles.

According to geologists, it has only experienced three eruptions in the last two million years, with the most recent one occurring 631,000 years ago.

Millions would die almost instantaneously if the super volcano erupted anytime soon, and the consequences would be felt for decades.

Yellowstone might erupt at any time, according to University of Leicester volcanologist Professor Michael Branney.

“Yellowstone will,” he explained.

Volcanoes do not erupt on a set schedule or timeline, and the next major eruption could be decades away.”

One of the most deadly aspects of any future eruption would be the magma developing beneath Yellowstone.

Not only would hot molten lava pour onto the Earth below, but magma would be hurled into the sky as ash particles.

Because of Yellowstone’s immense size, the ash would spread practically everywhere in the United States and Canada, rendering most of North America uninhabitable.

The blast and ash would kill everyone within 1,000 kilometers of the eruption, killing tens of millions of people.

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