KING OF THE SEAS: Inside the incredible 400ft superyacht

AN INCREDIBLE superyacht designed based on the deadly Mako shark features a helipad and a floating lounge among other luxuries.

The stunning 400ft long vessel is inspired by the “elegance and performance of the Mako shark, and the silver, fluid shapes of waves,” according to its designers.

The mako shark is known as the world’s fastest shark, so naturally, the Mako superyacht can reach speeds of 58mph.

The design group State of Craft, which is based in London and Ottawa, Canada, has branded the vessel as an “explorer yacht”.

Apart from the yacht’s impressive overall design, perhaps the feature that stands out the most is the helipad platform on the foredeck.

It allows the aircraft “to safely land and be stored in the garage under deck by means of a platform lift”.

Additionally, the edgy yacht features a unique “floating lounge”.


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