The twisted killer of Bobbi-Anne McLeod,

The twisted killer of Bobbi-Anne McLeod,

The twisted killer of Bobbi-Anne McLeod maintained a second life as a Ted Bundy-obsessed rocker.

Cody Ackland, 24, gave the impression to friends that he was a fun-loving Indie musician who was happiest when playing guitar in front of adoring fans.

In actuality, the monster was obsessed with Bundy, who was responsible for the murders of more than 30 young women during a four-year reign of terror in the United States in the 1970s.


Ackland was sentenced today to life in prison with a minimum of 31 years after kidnapping Bobbi-Anne from a bus stop near her Plymouth home and bludgeoning her to death.

He’d never met the sweet teen before and had chosen her at random.

Bobbi-Anne “had the entire of her life in front of her until it was cruelly and savagely snuffed away” by Ackland, according to Judge Robert Linford.

“You’re a dead man,” Bobbi-brother Anne’s Lee exclaimed as he walked away from the dock.

Harrowing evidence disclosed today indicated how Ackland desired to be like Bundy, including “modelling” Bobbi-gruesome Anne’s murder on the monster’s own sickening crimes.

The serial killer allegedly stored a horrific stash of over 3,000 horrible photographs of mangled victims on his phone, demonstrating a “deep rooted fascination with death.”

He diligently researched gory atrocities committed by serial killers such as Fred West and gorged himself on autopsies and apparel worn by his warped idols.

“Cody Ackland maintained a double life,” claimed prosecutor Richard Posner. He had an unhealthy obsession with serial killers and a desire to imitate them. Bobbi-terrible Anne’s and evil fantasy was about to become a tragic and wicked reality.”

It has now been discovered that in the days preceding up to Bobbi-murder, Anne’s Ackland prowled lonely Dartmoor locales looking for weapons such as helmets, hammers, crowbars, and cutting tools.

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