A man who had been sliced in half by a forklift,

A man who had been sliced in half by a forklift begged the doctor to spare him even if he was only a head.

A man who was split in two by a forklift pleaded with his family to keep him alive even if he was only a “head on a plate.”

Loren Schauers, 20, was working in a forklift on a bridge in September 2019 when he fell 50 feet, cutting his arm and crushing his lower torso.

His family was faced with the heartbreaking dilemma of asking doctors to save him by chopping him in half and risking Loren wishing they hadn’t.

When the construction worker was eventually able to talk for himself, he stared doctors “dead in the eye” and requested the life-saving surgery.

Loren, from Great Falls, Montana, has been surviving without his legs and right forearm for the past two years, thanks to the support of his loyal wife Sabia Reiche, 23.

The pair has revealed portions of their lives on YouTube, where they have amassed a tremendous following of around 500,000 members.

Sabia revealed how physicians advised her boyfriend’s family that the only option to rescue him was to amputate everything below his belly button in a technique known as a hemicorporectomy.

“As a result, we worried that he wouldn’t want the surgery or would rather die than lose half of his body.

“However, his sister pushed hard to allow him to make that decision.””

The operation resulted in the removal.


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