When to get next booster shot as Covid is reappearing

A new wave of coronavirus infections has increased hospital admissions, raising concerns about waning immunity since the last round of booster vaccines.

Experts are predicting a new wave of coronavirus infections, raising concerns about waning immunity since the last round of boosters.

So far, only people over the age of 75 have been offered second top-up vaccines, for a total of four shots.

However, that was six months ago, and Covid hospital admissions are now on the rise.

Booster shots will be available in the autumn, with experts advising vulnerable adults and frontline social care and health workers to be among the first to receive them.

According to the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), the vaccines should be provided to:

Residents and staff at an elderly care facility

Workers on the front lines of health and social care

Those over the age of 65

Adults between the ages of 16 and 64 who are in a clinical risk group

In order to combat the Omicron variant, the NHS relaxed booster rules in December of last year, offering a third jab to all over-18s.

The JCVI then suggested shortening the time between the second and third vaccinations from six to three months.

This means that if you haven’t had a third vaccination and are over the age of 18 – or over the age of 16 if you have a health condition – it has been at least three months.


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