FAMILY BUSINESS: Mother, Daughter making money on ONLYFANS

A MUM who saw her teen daughter making £50,000 from a secret side hustle has decided to join in – and now they make double that.

After going through a tough break-up, mum Evie Leana, 37, was ready for a fresh start.

Tiahnee joined OnlyFans when she turned 18 two years agoCredit: SWNS
Evie claims they are ‘hottest mum and daughter’ duo on OnlyFans

After seeing her daughter rake in the cash on OnlyFans, she decided to have a dabble herself and opened an account this year.

Now, Evie and her daughter Tiahnee, 19, are the “hottest mum and daughter” on the site, according to the duo. The pair have made nearly a combined amount of £100,000 and are very open about one another’s sexual escapades.

The mum-and-daughter team say they’ve never felt unsafe on the site and “do not care if it’s controversial”, shrugging off any backlash.

For Evie, who is from Adelaide, Australia, the website is a “great way to express my sexual side and have fun doing it” and said that even if she wasn’t making money, she would “keep doing it anyway”.

Tiahnee’s FansOnly page consists of the scantly-clad teen in lingerie and bikinis while her mum admits to sharing pics of a more “explicit” nature. Despite her daughter’s success, Evie was initially against the idea of Tianhee setting up an account when she turned 18 in 2020.

The mum-of-four said: “I was very against Tiahnee starting an account in the beginning. I was worried about her safety and the reason people were subscribing when they can get that kind of content for free.

“She had just finished school and I wanted her to study but she started it anyway against my will.”

Tiahnee, who has been in a relationship since she was 13, said she wanted to join the adult content website “for a while”.

“I opened my page just a few months after I turned 18 – I post bikini photos on Instagram and I’m always dressing up and taking sexy photos, so I thought why not do what I love and make money from it,” she said.

“I had discussed it with my boyfriend whom I’m still with and he has been supportive since I started.”

Tiahnee said she had a large following in Instagram and TikTok which made making the switch and gathering subscribers significantly easier.

Tiahnee plans to stay on OnlyFans for the longer term


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