Gwadar fisherman catches rare sowa fish used to make surgical items

Luck was on a Gwadar fisherman’s side Sunday when he accidentally caught a rare sowa fish off the coast of Jiwani and sold it for a whooping Rs8.64 million.

The rare croaker fish weighed 48 kilogrammes.


It got stuck in the net of a fisherman, locals said.

According to aquatic life experts, the sowa fish comes close to the shores of Jiwani and adjacent seas in the summer for breeding. The rare croaker fish is said to be of great commercial importance and demand for it is high in some Asian and European countries.

A special type of matter found in the fish is considered to be more precious than the meat and is used by pharmaceuticals in production of surgical items.

Three days ago, a similar fish was caught from the sea of ​​Jiwani and it was sold for Rs780,000.