The council told cyclists to ignore the bike lane and use the entire road instead.

A Council has infuriated motorists by instructing cyclists to disobey a seven-foot cycle lane and instead use the center of the road.

Drivers in Boscombe, Dorset, allege bikers now “believe they own the road” after the town council painted cycle emblems across the main roadway to encourage riders to use it.

Bournemouth Christchurch & Poole (BCP) Council’s decision to ignore the cycling lane that runs beside the A35 has enraged the local population.

“If there is a dedicated cycle lane, why are they being directed to cycle in the main carriageway?” asked local Nick Beck.

“You put cycle lanes in and then what happens?” remarked Steve Martin.

“We recently performed highway resurfacing and have extended the cycling lanes in line with current standards,” a BCP Council spokesperson stated. The accentuated road markings are intended to encourage cyclists to occupy a prominent lane position.”

Changes to the Highway Code made earlier this year allowed cyclists to ride two abreast in the middle of quieter routes.

“It should be in the Highway Code that cyclists must utilize cycle lanes whenever possible,” said driver Donna Clarke.

This is completely absurd, resulting in traffic jams, delayed emergency vehicles, and frazzled tempers.”


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