In a terrifying declaration, an associate of Vladimir Putin predicts that London will be bombed first in a third world war.

Andrey Gurulyov, a reservist general MP and member of the Russian Parliament’s defence committee, is one of Vladimir Putin’s closest pals. He claimed that Moscow would launch missiles at London rather than “Warsaw, Paris, or Berlin.”

London should be attacked first in a third world war, according to a close political friend of Vladimir Putin.

Andrey Gurulyov, a 54-year-old MP and member of the defence committee of the Russian parliament, called for a Russian invasion of the NATO Baltic states.

He claimed that there was no other way to stop the West from blockading the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad on state television channel 1.

A similar action would start World War Three and activate NATO’s Article 5.

Lt-Gen Gurulyov, a senior commander who currently represents United Russia, the main pro-Vladimir Putin political party, declared that “we will eliminate the entire group of hostile space satellites during the first air operation.”

“We would consider them all as NATO; it wouldn’t matter if they were Americans or British.”

Second, we will completely and everywhere reduce the anti-missile defense system.

Thirdly, we won’t begin in Warsaw, Paris, or Berlin.

He shares the view of fellow Moscow hardliners that the West, particularly in continental Europe, has the stomach for a serious conflict.

He continued, “Western Europe will be cut off from power sources and immobilized as part of the plan to eliminate critically crucial sites.

“All sites used for electricity supply will be destroyed.”


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