Rebekah Vardy will leave the UK with her husband

Rebekah Vardy will leave the UK with her husband

Regardless matter the outcome, the couple intends to relocate to the United States.

“She wants to get out of the country as soon as possible,” a source stated of Rebekah.

As the former England team-mates’ Wagatha Christie fallout exploded again, Wayne Rooney passionately labelled Jamie Vardy a “bottler.”

Rooney, a Three Lions star, alleged that Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy refused to testify in court.

“Wayne believes Jamie blew it by not taking the witness stand and speaking what he wanted to say under oath,” a source told The Sun.

He could have been cross-examined like Wayne on the stand.

“Instead, he basically shouted whatever he wanted outside of court and left with Becky, who subsequently told the court she was sick.”

During Euro 2016, Rooney told the committee that he requested Vardy to get his wife to “calm down” because then-manager Roy Hodgson was concerned that she was becoming a distraction.

“Mr Vardy had a can of Red Bull and I had a cup of coffee, and I remember the chat I had with him because it was such an unpleasant moment,” he explained.

“I’m sat here on oath,” he said during cross-examination as he testified in defense of wife Coleen on Tuesday. I absolutely chatted with Mr Vardy. I’m not sure if he informed his wife.”

Vardy, who was standing a few yards away and glaring at him, subsequently issued a statement outside court alleging that “Wayne is spewing gibberish” and that his former captain “must be confused.”

The Vardys left the hearing following Rooney’s 28-minute testimony, and it was delayed yesterday in anticipation of the lawyers’ closing arguments today.

Jamie and Rebekah, who brought the lawsuit but has been distressed and distraught on multiple occasions, are reportedly planning a relocation to the United States, according to sources close to the couple.

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