The mother says her daughter has been “robbed of her childhood” due to constant seizures.

Olivia McCafferty has cut and bruised herself as a result of her daily convulsions and is now receiving cannabis oil treatment because her medication makes her feel “like a zombie.”

An eight-year-old girl who has 300 seizures per day has been “robbed of her childhood,” according to her mother.

Olivia McCafferty has Doose Syndrome, a severe form of childhood epilepsy that has forced her to use a wheelchair.

According to report, the youngster from Glasgow, Scotland, has suffered cuts and bruises as a result of her convulsions.

Her usual medication can make her feel “zombie-like,” so she is now receiving cannabis oil treatment.

“Her seizures have gone absolutely haywire in the last 18 months,” said Julie Cabrey, 45. We counted her 300th seizure one day last year. “We’ve just stopped counting now.” She can’t go out to play with her friends because she requires my constant presence. ” She’s on a strict keto diet, so no McDonald’s or sweets for her. She is unable to attend her friends’ birthday parties. She is missing out on a lot.”

Olivia was only 15 months old when she was admitted to the hospital with convulsions.

It took several months for her to be diagnosed with Doose syndrome.

The child underwent brain surgery in 2021 to try to stop the seizures, but the procedure was unsuccessful.

She is now required to wear a safety helmet at all times.

Julie, a support learning worker for Glasgow City Council, said she is now looking into funding medicinal cannabis oil treatment for her daughter.

Olivia is currently receiving treatment at Scotland’s first approved medicinal cannabis clinic, the Sapphire Medical Clinic in Stirling, but the family is facing mounting costs of up to £1,200 per month to increase her dose.


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