Coronation Street’s Summer star, publicized her new role away from the ITV soap.

Harriet Bibby is taking a break from the cobblestones this summer to work on a play during a four-show run.

Harriet Bibby of Coronation Street is taking a short break from the ITV soap to work on a play over the summer.

The actress who plays Summer Spellman is set to appear in a play that will run for four performances in Liverpool.

The 25-year-old will play ‘Girl’ in ‘Blackbird’ at Liverpool’s Royal Court Studio, a role she is ‘thrilled’ to be a part of.

Roots shared a quote from Harriet on the post.

“We had our first rehearsal, and I could tell it was going to be a great play. It’s beautifully written, and there’s a lot to unpack, which makes it all the more exciting.”

“I’m so excited for this,” she added.

Harriet first appeared on the cobbles in 2020, when she took over the role of adolescent Summer.

After Matilda Freeman, who was the same age as the character, decided to leave Corrie, the role was recast.

Harriet’s career has taken off since she joined the cast, and she was recently named to the long list for the National Television Awards.

Summer’s plot began when she returned from visiting her grandmother Geraldine to find that her former guardian Todd Grimshaw had also returned to Weatherfield.

Summer was followed by viewers as she struggled with her own body confidence after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, which turned her life upside down.

She had intended to attend Oxford University, but she has had to abandon her plans due to the fact that she must inject insulin.

Summer, on the other hand, began to make herself sick after becoming convinced that taking her new medication was causing her to gain weight.

Summer had a crush on teacher Daniel Osbourne, which was revealed when Max Turner, whom she was mentoring, accused Daniel of grooming the schoolgirl.

Her most recent story involves being caught cheating in a competition.


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