Katie Price came in court today to face jail time for sending a “gutter s**g” text to her ex

Katie Price came in court today to face jail time for sending a “gutter s**g” text to her ex

After spreading the “vile and filthy” message intended for Kieran Hayler’s fiancée Michelle Penticost, the reality star, 43, violated a restraining order.

After first disputing the accusation at magistrates court, she made a dramatic U-turn and accepted it at Lewes Crown Court last month.

Katie is currently back in court for sentencing and could spend up to five years behind bars.

When asked if she was going to jail today, she insulted reporters in an X-rated manner.

A judge cautioned her that she was “at risk” of going to prison during the most recent session.

After being detained by authorities in her filthy mansion in January, the reality star was held there for 12 hours.

Tell your c****** wife, piece of s**t girlfriend, not to start on me, the ex-glamour model messaged Kieran.

She should refrain from provoking me because she is in violation of the restraining order, and I’m sure she doesn’t want anyone to find out that she was having an affair with you behind my back. s**t in the gutter.

After flipping her BMW in a terrifying collision in September, Katie is already serving a 16-week suspended sentence for drunk driving.

If a person violates the conditions of their license, they could be sent back to jail for the duration of their suspended sentence.

Typically, a judge will consider the earlier term as an aggravating factor while sentencing and concentrate on the new offence that has been committed.

In this situation, Katie might receive a sentence of five years in prison, with the 16 weeks serving either simultaneously with or in addition to the primary sentence.

After ranting at the school gates and calling Michelle a “f***ing c***,” Katie received the five-year order in 2019.

She couldn’t get in touch with Michelle “directly or indirectly.”

The accusation is the most recent turn in the troubled star’s chaotic life.

She will appear in court for the offence in July after being accused with speeding in her BMW on a 60 mph road.

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